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Pintér Zoltán

He began studying the piano at the age of three. He won his first piano competition when he was 5 years old. After that he achieved excellent results in many classical and jazz competitions. Among others, he won the 1st place of the Bartók Béla Centenary Memorial Competition and he was awarded the first prize of the professional jury at the "Premio Internazionale Massimo Urbani" competition in Camerino.

Mrs Lóránt Schichtanz was his teacher of classical piano between 1976 and 1989. At the same time he was also a student of Dr. Attila Garay,who introduced him to the world of jazz from, 1981 to1988. They two formed his affection for classical and jazz music and also his respect for traditions in the arts. He graduated from the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy's Jazz Piano Department. He was a student of János Gonda and Károly Binder.

Mainly, he plays traditional standard jazz compositions but he easily deals with pop, rock, jazz-rock and Latin music, too.

After education and numerous orchestral formations, he established his own orchestra under the name of Pintér Zoltán Trió. The band's current form was won in 2016 by two fantastic artists - György Orbán in double bass and Elemér Balázs on drums.

Zoltán Pintér Trio
Zoltan Pinter Trio

With the band he can freely experience and enjoy the world of standard jazz.

In 2006 he released his first album, "Everything I Love".

Between 2015-2019, the member of the Presidency of the Hungarian Jazz Federation.

He isthe project initiator, the main organizer of the annual "Young Jazz Musician of the Year" talent competition, and he is also the foreman of the jury.

  1. Musicians:
    • "Ablakos" Lakatos Dezső
    • Berkes Balázs
    • Tomsits Rudolf
    • Bontovics Kati
    • "Pecek” Lakatos Géza
    • Fekete István
    • Tim Ries (USA)
    • Babos Gyula
    • Szőke Nikoletta
    • Gyárfás István
    • Carol Cass (USA)
    • Jávori Vilmos
    • Juhász Gábor
    • Heinz von Hermann (German)
    • Kőszegi Imre
    • Fekete Kovács Kornél
    • Csepregi Gyula
    • Massimo Manzi (Italy)
    • Massimo Moriconi (Italy)
    • Mohay András
    • László Attila
    • Winand Gábor
  1. Bands:
    • Emerton Big-band
    • Pege Quartet
    • Fritz Jazz Band
    • Joe Muranyi Orchestra
    • Trio StandArts
    • Zoltan Pinter Trio
  1. Teaching:
    • Vasutas Music School (1992-93)
    • Gorsium Music School, Tác (1996-97)
    • Violin Music School, Dunaújváros (2006-07)
    • Hang-Szín-Tér Artistic School, Székesfehérvár (2007-2009)
    • Gorsium Artistic Secondary School (2009-2011)