Zoltán Pintér - jazz

Young Jazz Musician of the Year

In addition to playing the piano and teaching, he decided to take an active part in promoting and forming the domestic jazz. Being elected to the Board of the Hungarian Jazz Association in 2015 gave him a very good chance to do so. His main project, Young Jazz Musician of the Year, began in the autumn of 2015. It is a talent research competition, which has been held with the support of the Hungarian Jazz Association every year . The competition would like to meet the traditions of jazz, the challenges of the modern age, but it also wants to be different from similar talent research competitions. This talent researcher has been designed for young jazz musicians who are at the beginning of their careers, they are under 25, and committed to the genre of jazz. A further condition for the entry is that the competitor must be a student of a medium or advanced jazz music institution during the competition. These institution recommend their student to participate in the competition. The schools of the winners are also recognized. The competition is completed in two parts. First, the applicants must upload a 10-15 minute video to Youtube. Based on these videos, the seven-member board of the Hungarian Jazz Association select 6-8 candidates who can participate in the public final, which is hosted by the Budapest Jazz Club every year. In the finals, the competitors are awarded in two categories. One of them is the audience award, which can be won based on audience votes. The other prize is the professional jury award. This part of the competition significantly differs from any other similar competition. The members of the jury as musicians participate actively in the performances, so they can really watch the performers with a professional eye.

Members of the jury: Balázs Bágyi - drums, president of the Hungarian Jazz Federation; István Elek - Gábor Szabó award winning saxophone artist; Zoltán Pintér - piano, jazz pianist, music teacher, initiator of the competition and chairman of the jury.

Elek István; Pintér Zoltán; Bágyi Balázs
István Elek, Zoltán Pintér, Balázs Bágyi

The winners can participate in a one-year mentoring program. They can play together with the jury at many club performances and music festivals. In this way the young people can look into their future and get into the deep end. Several excellent bass players have been added to the band: György Orbán, Krisztián Lakatos “Pecek”, Péter Oláh.

The winners have the chance to present themselves in various media. Several concerts in the countryside are organized. The Hungarian Jazz Federation supports the winners' entry into the Lamantin Jazz Camp, but some concerts are also organized for their own bands.

The winners are:

  1. V. Young Jazz Musician of the Year – 2020.
    • Professional Jury and Audience Award Winner: Albert Horváth – piano
    1. IV. Young Jazz Musician of the Year – 2019.
      • Professional Jury Award Winner: Eszter Hász – singer
      • Audience Award Winner: Patrik Sebestyén – trumpet
    1. III. Young Jazz Musician of the Year – 2018.
      • Professional Jury Award Winner: Zsolt Farkas – singer
      • Audience Award Winner: Ambrus Richter – drums
    1. II. Young Jazz Musician of the Year – 2017.
      1. Professional Jury Award Winner: Mário Rafael – piano
      2. Audience Award Winner: Balázs Raboczki – saxophone
    1. I. Young Jazz Musician of the Year – 2016.
      • Professional Jury Award Winner: Krisztián Oláh – piano
      • Audience Award Winner: Balázs Varga – guitar